Saturday, December 3

     Bingo is a rare gift from God in the form of a dog.  He has no worries (not even at the veterinary office, and he has been there a lot), he lives in the moment and only has one message to share each new day.....LOVE! Everything about this big ole' pup is so endearing and so very precious! 
     Bingo came to us in a very unusual way, a very sad way, actually.  He was raised by an older couple who were so kind and very loving themselves.  They truly adored him, deservedly so! Unfortunately, they both crossed over within 2 weeks of one another.  I tend to think it was because their hearts were so connected one could not go on with out the other.  They were friends of ours and we were also close to their kids (our ages) and grandchildren (our children's ages). 
We heard about the sad situation via a group email soon after it happened.  The email described the details of their passing and everyone's deep greif and utter shock at the whole situation.  The email then began to list some of the concerns and challenges that the family now had going forward.  At the top of this list was...."What do we do with Bingo, a 100lb (unaltered) male yellow lab goofball?"  Well, 'goofball' was all we needed to hear to KNOW he would be perfect for our family.  We already had a sassy (BOSSY) female welch corgie but we figured she would train him.  We were right on that, but what we didn't realize was that he was able to teach her many lessons, as well.  He has shown her great gentleness and how to wait for your meal and how to be really big in a small house while trying not to be snapped at by "that other" dog (you just have to look very sheepish and you can practically write your own ticket)!  She is now a MUCH mellower girl...he really has taught her by his gentle example!  He also taught her how to squint your eyes when someone with a big tail is wagging next to your (shorter) face!

                                                           It took about a year for our new friend, Bingo to stop "looking" for his man, David.  Every time he spotted a tall man in a wool cap he would perk right up and his tail would wag furiously...and I would feel so sad for him when he realized it wasn't his first owner.  As we came to know one another over this time our family came to understand how deeply he gives his heart to the humans (and animals) around him. LOVE.      

    I wanted to share this story with other dog owners & lovers at this time of an unusually difficult economy.  Bingo (and our family) were so lucky to find one another through a close common relationship but these happy endings are far too few! So, please,  if situations arise where you are not able to keep your beloved pet  PLEASE work very hard to find a new situation for your friend by using a qualified animal rescue operation!  DO NOT give up your animal to just anyone...they do NOT have an emotional attatchment to your animal and may not care for him properly OR worse! You really don't want to know the evils that humans are capable of where helpless animals are concerned! 
I have now fostered 3 dogs who were surrendered in the south. They are Such AMAZING dogs and now have loving new owners and homes here in the NE.  Happy endings are priceless.  Please contact for information on either becoming a foster partner or, even better, adopting a wonderful new freind!  Help us to help all those pups who truly deserve another chance to share their beautiful gifts of LOVE!!

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