Wednesday, December 21

Its NEVER too late for Gift Certificates!
 Free Range Sewing for all ages!  I have a fun, ongoing class on Tuesday mornings at my favorite quilt shop, Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop in Freeport Maine.  We call it Camp Sew & Sew!
I have about a dozen fearful and fearless women who have challenged themselves to develop their skills, make time for their passions and to just have "girl time"!  There are seasoned quilters who haven't tried garment or home dec projects, there are complete novices and then there are those in between who just need "permission" to have FUN while they are creating! 

Wiggly log cabin by Deb
 If you are looking for any last minute gifts which also have a VERY practical aspect then this is PERFECT!
It's a rolling enrollment which means you begin anytime and are only "charged" for the days you attend!  The cost is $85 for 8 amazing weeks of complete support for your stitching!  You choose the project, or we develop one together and I will guide you through to completion!  In this process, you will work on skills you wish to learn.  Do you want to install a zipper or draft a pattern from a favorite garment?  Maybe you want to figure out how to read a commercial pattern or maybe you want to just play with colors!  This "wiggly" log cabin panel was created by a wonderful woman who had only sewn straight lines in her quilting classes.  She was used to points matching and corners being the correct angle.  She and I worked together to help her un-learn the traditional and "allow" the possible!
Pretty, huh?  I love her color choices!

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