Friday, February 3

Little Lila the Luckiest Pup!

Lila the Luckiest Pup!
 Hi There! 
I know I will make you say OHHHHH! when I introduce you to a little sweetie I have had the priviledge and joy of getting to know on her way to her "Forever Home" tomorrow! 

This is Lila!  Oh my, oh my.  Where to start! She is my foster pup from Lucky Pup Rescue (dot org)!  She is a 14 weeks old Lab Mix, (we are guessing a pointer or maybe a beagle?)and SUPER CUTE and verrry BOUNCY!
She came off the transport from Arkansas last week, with a slight look of trepidation as we handed her to her "soon to be" new Mom and THEN she couldn't stop LICKING her!  She has truly found a match made in heaven with her new family and
I know they will love her forever.   
Lila TRULY is a Lucky Pup! WOOF! 

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